The freetyping series continues with a poem I wrote to music from the artist Goapale-“Closer”, This is…


by Edward (LIMITLESS) Taylor III

Closer & closer to my dreams it seems every step means newness, as I go through this journey, I learn thee principles of life experiencing lessons through my struggles… Right?

So at night under the shade of closed eyelids the mind screen plays & hours turn into days… This dreamscape is vivid, as I look back, I could have sworn I lived it; My hope so close I clinched it, holding it in hand I stand in path picturing life “on-demand”, calling out to the darkness & deep commanding it by the power of speech…

…Calling it what I want it to be,though it seems contrary, my fears I bury, stepping out on a ledge to grasp passion, fruit that shall remain standing atop my legacy unashamed… Righteous!

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