(Verb) VISION- imagine



Prevailing over distractions which are intending to cause loss of traction.

Now it’s time to unmask them…

See “them” for what, “They” are drawing you in. Focusing your attention on shortening your extension into Vision…

You Try-

Trying to reach for the sweet fruit of Dreams…

A savory peach dripping with the intentions reserved just for you…

The goodness intended to overflow you, overrunning, spilling, gushing rushing over!

Pouring this rich refreshing flow into these seeds of good deeds sown…

But you must set your gaze to be drawn to the fresh taste from the fruits picked from this God-given redemption-

This field of Grace…

Let not impatience draw your gaze from the Sweet Taste of Life…

Everything in due season.

The Sweetest Fruit is bitter to the Palette;

Until its season has come,

“Let Patience have Her Perfect Work…”

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