While it’s Today, I will spend my time wisely…


I wake up to get my taste up, time for time too pay up, and get it in, Fat Joe style,  

“I’m all the way up!”

Putting demands on today, Commanding the morning, spiritual word play.

Staying on target, laser guided path painted and marked, no misfires, like the morning Sun my heart stays ignited.

Focused on my mission-

infiltrated the Fortress of Doubt, clasped its pillar’s, and ran out waving a high hand gripping the courage of a Dreamer-


Assassinating guilt and regret dissolving the old nature re-birthed into a Dream creator, while time passes by in a cloud of vapors.

Watching my ship come in, The only reason I’m at the Dock of the bay watching my mistakes roll away.

I guess I’m just killing time today…

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