If we pursued Life with a primal attraction I wonder what would be said of an object of affection such as Life…



Just the thought of embracing you brings me to a place of grace.

Freedom I claimed when the Love for you came to mind.

My heart beats to your rhythm flowing effortlessly in tune.

Potential will be in bloom.

Picture perfect moments savoring every second soon becoming past.

This romance has its “Preludes to Peace”

While demonstrating “Declarations of War”,

What can I say,

When it rains it pours.

but my love for you still remains the highest grade,

Titanium CP;

Your value brilliantly invented me.

Seizing me in a holding pattern until wisdom was born;

Adorned with the finest pearls,

Beauty twirls around when the Joy for you can be found.

Just the day dream of you is a pool I drown in when I begin to live in

the essence of-

You fuel this fever to 104 degrees of lust for-

your fruit excites me when I grasp this beam to which we all dream,


and hope to claim….

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