These next series of poems are my version of freestyle, I call it freetyping, I wrote what came to mind in that moment, here’s the first with a little editing, This is…

one of my very first poems in free-writing style

Taylor's Poetry Corner

by Edward (Flowx10) Taylor III

Patience held in contempt waiting for grace to hit. Mind now exposed to limitless favor ears captured by words…

…Nature changer…,

Mindsets shatter like glass…

…Truth blast,

NOW seed can grow like refreshed spring grass; AT LAST, hear the sound of chains dropping to ground, legs unbound,

feel… feel…


Blood rushing to ground, flowing to wrist, my lungs never tasted freedom like this.

Unrestricted vocals lash out in shout, eyes overloaded with joyful tears, crowns fall in worship as Kings kneel down,


Shatters the shroud & rips the Vail, blindness is removed as glory shines through,

The LAMB was slain for sins that where mine, fulfilling the shadow leaving it cursed to a tree…


An unlawful abiding citizen…

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