I wrote this poem after watching the movie ‘Red Tails’ which is about the Tuskegee Airman, a group of African American Fighter Pilots who flew during World War Two; the film inspired me to write this poem. I truly hope I’ve done their legacy justice. This is…

We Fight… We Fight… We Fight…
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

From the moment the engine cranks, to the taxi onto the runway, they we’re faced with the challenge of succeeding in a world designed for them to fail.

From the moment that first mighty breeze lifted their wings into the atmosphere of uncertainty: to the time they flew in the face of discrimination, disrespect, & segregation.

From the moment of calm before the first shots are fired, to the pounding of the heart when they recorded their first kills; They fought… They fought… They fought….

They fought for respect, they fought for love, they fought for their families & friendships: but most of all they fought for their Country…
…They fought for us.

“From the last plane, to the last bullet, to the last man, WE FIGHT, we fight! WE FIGHT we fight! WE FIGHT!”

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