Here is the next installment to the Martyrs Chronicles, PT 2. This is…

The Beginning
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I remember it well, the beginning of it all; out in front of the store I stayed posted broadcasting the Gospel of reconciliation, God in Man. I was down to the last, all of me was dedicated to changing this system we call “reality” – where people walk as if they believe they’ve been given a failures script: but in my attempt I was apprehended by those that disagree, the self proclaimed “powers that be.” They beat me to see if I’d plead for mercy rather than suffer: But what they knew not is that even in my death I gain a promise that eclipses the pain….

I hear footsteps, I take a deep breath, my arms are bound; I’m taken & dunked into a watery pit like human waste. I sit in darkness my body riddled with pain… …am I insane, I ask myself, a gluten for pain? Yes, would be the answer of my old self; the answer now is the faith that endures to the end. I have embraced the pain; For me to live is Christ, to die is gain….

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