A Leap of faith is a poem I wrote with the intent of painting the picture of actually stepping out of your comfort zone too reach for what your believing for, trusting that when you step off the ledge, you will not fall. This is…

A Leap of Faith
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Darkness surrounds behind closed eye’s. I’m standing at the edge commanding the light to come. Girding myself up in the garments of courage, the mark of a Son, I run, & run, & run until all is still…. I feel the release from all that oppressed me: all that held me back binding my footsteps to the wrong track. But here I have no fear, no doubt, nor unbelief; I’m free to extend my wings: I’m free to reach beyond the impossible. Disregarding the bitter seeds that where sown in a young heart; I’m finally starting too live the life I dream. I’m far above the storm clouds, looking down at the fears I once halted at.

My footsteps make their imprint in the clouds, I number them one through nine, on my way too ten I drop the weights that where rooted with-in, Looking up, I see the Star’s beckoning me to ascend; Then I’m hit with ray’s of hope shooting from a freshly risen sun. I take one breath shaking off any reasonable doubt, harnessing the strength of the wind, releasing the desires given I shout, “I CAN FLY”; there’s no fear of falling, just a serene peace I’ve sought since the day I was released from the spell of the beast. I now fly amongst angels, holding conversations with constellations, and it only took one extraordinary leap….

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