The Martyr Chronicles PT 1: Martyr- 1. a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion. I wrote these short storied poems which where inspired by true events of Christians being persecuted for what they believe in, some even to the point of death. I wanted to raise awareness of the fact that there are still parts of the world where what you believe may cost you your life. This is…

‘The Trial’
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I heard “Send him in” then two men grabbed me by my bonds; they blind folded my eye’s, punched me in the jaw then said ,”prophecy”! then another swing landed on my ribs, then a shout came from one of the guardsmen, “prophecy who hit you”!

“ENOUGH”, The Judge commanded,” let’s see if he can justify himself”; a small under-breath chuckle came from the judges mouth as he awaited my response.

“SPEAK your last words you “God fearing” traitor to the system”-
“have you no defense for your actions”?

I respond in kind, each word of faith defying the order of the blind. My voice chimed this rhyme…,

“Lord I thank & I praise you for saving me, from the deceptions of sin that made me an enemy, & by the commandments that you spoke sin took occasion: but by the foolishness of preaching your know defacing those lie’s, knocking the scales from my eye’s & opening my ears so I can hear the call too the Elect gathering together your selected few, from the foundations of the World that you for knew to be found in the body of Christ predestined to walk in eternal life; ceasing from strife & envy defiling acts that sin breeds; now I walk in the spirit that God breathed upon me; a Minister of flaming fire is what I’ve been called to be testifying about the Lords glory, telling the world that Gods real, not some man made story; so repent from unrighteousness before Hell is where your sent listing to the doctrine of the vail that was ripped”….

“SILENCE HIM”, the Judge roars. Then came another blow to the cheek which mercifully put me to sleep….

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