Forsake me not, O LORD: O my God, be not far from me. ( psalms 38: 21) LORD…

Don’t Forget Me
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

My tears fall, my fists are worn & bloodied from beating on the wall, my stomach twists & turns from the grief’s & struggle’s that grip my soul. My thoughts retreat to the inner most depths of myself; hoping to grasp some ancient strength that’s been deposited in me before the formation of time. My mind holds on to the promises that inhabit my dreams; my screams of frustration, pain, & suffering drive the fervency of my prayer’s & as I push through the shadow of my sorrowful despair; I gather in the desires of my heart- only able to release one humble request. LORD DON’T FORGET ME….

2 thoughts on “Forsake me not, O LORD: O my God, be not far from me. ( psalms 38: 21) LORD…

  1. neika

    I read your poem regarding lady vanessa please tell me what happened to her though I live in florida I was a member of christ life when it was in everett washington long ago and this is the church where I always felt at home I had a sleepover with the 1st lady and the other ladys from the church I look online regularly to get updates about them and as I noticed today she passed away in 2011 and my heart just sank what happened please email me at


    1. Lady Vanessa past away from a brain anurisim( dont know how to spell that) but basically a blood vessal near her brain ruptured they tried to revive her but by the time she got to the hospitial she was breathing but the doctors told us she was brain dead… I still miss her presence but her spirit still remains apart of those she impacted.


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