Prophetic- having the function or powers of a prophet, as a person. Language- faculty or power of speech. This is…

Prophetic language
by Edward Limitless Taylor III

Pure sight given to an open mind able to see the clear victory, broadcasting the source of me. The Spirit of God peered into open soul inserting words more precious than gold. Heart felt whispers flood minds eye swelling with hope uttered by the sweet spirit of redemptions decree; power reigns over thee for the crown of a King dwells upon ye. We are all the body of a Kingdom manifested, in body it rested. The first born of many brethren dwelt in womb; Birthed on purpose he walked among men spirit in flesh our language reflects him; his testimony the spirit of prophecy audibly shaping creation till Christ is shaped in thee. Pre-alined instruction moved in construction until a fruitful tree broke through Earths crust in movement with the intent of apprehending all before time sits still. The will of God still contained in words woven in revelation mystery foretold when preached: so believer stand bold speak forth the promise told & watch creation unfold its treasure’s for a Man God made to obtain his plan, by grace dispensed without measure. Through faith our speech orchestrates forever our place in Kingdoms Estates….

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