I wrote this as an idea I would add to my Pepsi Refresh Project Profile but I had trouble entering it on time so it’s my hope to talk to a PR Representative from Pepsi about making this an Idea for an add campaign. If there is anyone from PEPSI’s Marketing or PR Department that would like to talk about that idea please contact me by leaving a comment on my blog; Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy…

Common Thirst

By Edward Taylor III

We’re all under one great sky;

We all drink from the same fountain of life.

Our lives are intermingled like the wind & the trees,

Intertwined like the flowers & the bees;

Each in their own way supporting one another-

As we find ways to lend a hand to our sisters & brothers in need,

As we open our hearts to their petition,

We discover that we’re all reaching for the same goal;

To grasp a moment of love:

To open the refreshing sentiment of laughter:

To drink in the beautiful flow of life!

This is what we’re all thirsting for….

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