“But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.” -(Rom 7:24) There is a war going on in your mind; a battle between good & evil, righteousness & Sin But the Victory is yours… As soon as you awake to the realization that the fight is to believe Gods word & the one whom he has sent to dispense his grace unto you, until then, your time in the reality of mediocrity will keep on…


by Edward (the Limitless Poet) Taylor III

Time ticking away, bitterness pining at my day, exposing cracks of unresolved frustration & decay…

Time ticking away…

Eye’s bloodshot soaked with tears, glazed over with the cloak of depression;

If I knew the purpose it might relieve the pressure off my surface…

Time ticking away…

Worthless my efforts seem only if time I could redeem:

Only if I could open my chest & let my heart scream,


Would my cries be heard? or would tears drop like acid rain corroding all hope?

Time ticking away…

My futures in the distance, will someone teach me how to bring it into today,

To make it alive, to dispel the self lies…

“you can’t make it”

“you’ll fail”

Let the truth in me reply…


Time ticking away…

The brightness of morning marks a new day;

Self speaks with truth language, gloom evaporates away & the showers of night lift;

A multicolored sign of promise bows in the sky, with hope renewed,

I now have strength to pursue & pursue I must cause…





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