This is the second poem in the series, I wrote this to Sades’ King of sarrow this is…

A Moment in thought

by Edward (Flowx10) Taylor III

I lay my head down in a pool of emotion my tears add to the mixture of sorrows potion, coastin’ through dreams of pain trying to gain more grip on reality but I keep slipping in to tragedy,

I awake glad to see another day, another day to hope, so I quote my expectations, passion ragein’, THERE’S GOT TO BE MORE… to life then just maintainin’.

My thoughts framed in fighting to breakout into this endless flow of life…

Streaming my heart song I hope my souls strong enough to pass this test, I pause to catch breath, then onward with word in heart I shall not depart Gods ways.

So I phrase my decree of victory.

Looking around I see new friends but… The old can’t be found, so loneliness closes in but regret is quickly abandoned, I realize, I have more than a brother cause christ I stand in


Whether I go it alone or soldiers stand with me I still inhabit victory, though you can’t see, the Kingdom is found in me.

My, styles free from past sins never to be visited again. Can you say the same; can you walk away from the mirror of shame & let that old man evaporate in flame???