Here’s the last of the Freetyping Series (for now) this poem I wrote to the music of K’naans -Waving Flag, This is…

Heart of a Pathfinder

by Edward ( The LIMITLESS POET) Taylor III

Fighting tears back looking at the rough road to be sawn,
in the midst of frustration craven for my freedom;
Seen them roads of glory waiting for history to record my story,
For the kingdom I advance beyond my present circumstance.
I bandage my wounds, gird up myself like a King, a Warrior, a Kingdom Soldier; my freedom awaits when I run through the new worlds gates to partake of the divine in this present time;
Victory is mine, no longer blind to the strength that’s given, a conqueror abides in my veins;
Praying to receive the revelation that I am more than what this world dictates to me, in vain,
Call me profane to the Law, ripped it from my breath with Kingdom claws…
Now I see the reward & I pause… realizing I’ve been chosen to walk this path,
A path I plow in faith never looking back… Never looking back…