freetyping series, written to mali Music- Deep Blood Red, This is…


by Edward Taylor III

keying the keyboard with finger strokes, like piano keys playing melody’s, I see the beginning of my latter days, flushed with the latter rain;

No more pain, for I have gained my crown in this striving… Fighting… Fighting to enter into the rest of Christ.

My King has come in all glory & splendor, I bow down in complete surrender, my heart crying,


I am transformed, in an instant, into the image of son. The sun rises bringing the warmth of comforting grace, this place…

…I’ve dreamed this place…

Row’s of flowers that blow with the sway of the wind, The Spirit filled this field I navigate in, I walk knowing that this…

…This is a place I will never forsake…

The wonder & serenity of Kingdoms Gate…

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