“I sit and ponder the things God has set before me and I wonder, is it all a dream, could this be what I’ve been waiting for or is it Gods way of saying well done my daughter? I don’t regret what I’ve been through because it brought me thus far. Only by Him we can survive in this world, with others, with our families, as well as with each other.” – Angel T. We survive & thrive by the grace of God, EVEN in our times of weakness, HE is the garment we exchange for the…

By Edward Taylor III

Feeling like a rock waves beat upon my heart has not strength to sing an encouraging song; My thoughts roll on as the wind blows, only God knows the end of me, an end that is often hard to see;

Like blue sky peeking through gray clouds I see glimpses: but Lord is this the future you have for me? My foot steps frozen in uncertainty, which way do I go Lord,
light my path so I’ll know.
Lord can I rise up to the standards of others, to be elevated with my sisters and brothers, or shall I remain a weak link in a strong chain resisting the urge to break? Lord reveal am I real or am I fake… Lord let me be real, a tree planted by still waters rooted deep in security.
This rock can brave any wave or gust of wind. With my foundation sure, I’m sure I’ll be able to endure, As I turn to the next page of my life let Me be found grounded in the love of Christ.

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