This is My tribute to the Great Lady Vanessa L. Waller: a Teacher, a Counselor, a Mother, a Friend & a one of a kind First Lady. This is…

Butterfly Fly
by Edward( Flow x 10) Taylor III

Beauty unfolds before creation, breath halted, caught in amazement, moments frozen by picture’s taken emotions overtaken by Beauty; white wings unfold, veins flow with fire, muscle’s receive strength, eye catches glimpse of unfolding beauty.

A stretch in the wind as beautiful colors thicken, life begins, bright eye’s widen, tears fall when grace takes flight, then praise ignites, love excites; 47 wing strokes take Beauty to highest only seen in scripture quotes;

Now out of view, true, But Beauties flight continues. So know that Beauty is forever with you, in a unique places you can even touch Beauties face, so place your faith in the arms of the King & be comforted, for in your purpose you can hear Gods beautiful Butterfly sing…

We love you Lady Vanessa (R.I.P) & love to the Waller & Jackson family.