We all go through hard times in our lives, times when you feel like your never going to make it through, you feel like no one cares about you, you feel like there’s no hope: these are the times when you need to hold on to the hope you have & let go of your pride.

Struggle in Hard Times…

By Edward Taylor III

The poison of depression courses through my veins.

Its potency amplified by the raging storm of frustration.

Tears run off the edge of my cheek my eye’s feel like their on fire as the pain peaks.


I need you!

Help me through this trial of life, I refuse to give in & lose this fight,

So I bow down abased before the throne of grace: my knees ache, my arms quiver, my body is frail as I cry out & travail.

Casting down the symbol of my authority I kneel, waiting for my deliverance to be seen: yielded & humbled is this crownless king;

Rescue me, oh KING of Kings, help me through these hard times seen;

LORD in my time of weakness I pray manifest strong & powerful.

Time overflows with cries that are heartfelt & sorrowful, my prayer seems to last forever, & yet my cry only takes up an hour full.

I always thought I was stronger, in my mind I was sure I’d last longer;

But that’s the deception isn’t it…To think you can make it on your own…Thank you GOD for never leaving me alone.

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