Sometimes as a Christian you can get so clouded with the issues of life that you are unable to see or even realize God’s purpose & intent for your life; which can leave your mind in a quandary, opening the door to fear & doubt, rendering you deaf & blind to the counsel & the guidance of God. This is why it is vital for you to quiet the rushing noise of busyness around you, stop, look, & listen that you may see which way your life is to go…

Which way is my life going?

By Edward Taylor III

Which way is my life going? I say I believe God yet my life doesn’t display his Kingdom, in fact it seems quite contrary. In the kingdom of God there is the abundance of life, an economy that never suffers lack, power to overcome all opposition, but in my life it looks like none of these attributes are in effect. Either I’m blinded from the truth or it’s because I can’t see through the thick fog of distractions that looms over my mind. In either case I’m presented with the same question” which way is my life going?” I look around searching each aspect of my life to find the imprint of God’s Kingdom. What I find are his footsteps that can be traced back through out my life, in every instance I found that it’s the word of God that has carried me, kept me, & preserved me in my way. His footsteps are woven into every victory, like a tapestry, his word is intertwined with the faith that overcomes the world. With one word from God my mindset was changed from despair to empowerment. The fog has lifted, my life has been set back into order, I can see my purpose, I can see who I am, now I can see where my life is going….