As Christians we go through a lot of diverse situations that try our integrity, but to uphold that great commandment to love thy neighbor as thy self (Matt 19:19), seems to be our greatest challenge at times. Instead of being real with one another we tend to hide our true feelings behind a simple smile…

Behind a Smile

By Edward Taylor III

There’s a lot behind a smile, have you ever considered “What could be”? Hidden behind a pleasant face that seems to possess joy that will never fade could lay pain so deep that tears can no longer express it only with a smile the face can confess it.

There’s a lot behind a smile, like a dagger dipped in hate: aimed at the center of your soul; as soon as you turn your back on the smile it uses the sharp edge of its tongue to pierce your flesh & sever your spine while smiling the hole time. There’s a lot behind a smile let me describe a few, there’s the one that say’s I’m better then you.

Then there’s the one that hides behind a grin :0) because the smile doesn’t want you to know it captured your husband. Then there’s the one that entices your wife, with only one motive, & that’s to ruin a wonderful life.

There’s also the one that’s truly genuine like the smile you receive from your children or like the one you may give to your best friend. You must realize a smile is fine,but only if it’s true,

with nothing hidden behind…