“To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.” – Walt Whitman



I’ve been told that “it’s the little things, that make the biggest difference.”

So I thought and sought after the council found in remembrance.

I saw the ‘after Failure!’

The stumbling block one tumbles into.

A Rut cut from repeated actions…


Life patterns which are shaped by repeated thinking-

viewing this portrait incomplete,

A Failure.

Falling Short…

Continually missing the Mark-

These thoughts repeat-



See it from a lesson point of view repeated until this new thought is in the mind’s eye,


Set erect.

A statue shaped by a Perspective made new.

Made to consume the fuel of Success found in this changed mindset.

Realizing it’s all how you see it🤔

Triumph or Tragedy sadly I’ve seen them both.

Learning, growing, becoming,


It’s a Miracle after all this pandering a New Day is granted.

Class begins again…

“I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes.” – Vladimir Nabokov



The most precious gifts are found on this journey.

They Shine with senjging


Let them burn!


The Footprints laid upon this road,

Lay stained…

Seared upon my Path.

Marking each extraordinary moment.

Minds eye Absorbing the traumas…


Life altering blows to reality which shows a reflection of every lesson,


Let them burn!

Like molten titanium hardening over these precious jewels…

These memories,

These tools…



MADE, Precious when shared.

Creating a moment treasured;

Kept underguard behind plates, and bars.

A Treasure Chest rests at a steady hum pulsing with ambition,

It Beats.



The Wind catches the Clouds bending them with the softest touch…



Up lifted by a beautiful view passing by.

Swift like the moments not captured…


Time breezing by, subtle, and gentle.


Lifted above the derbies of broken Dreams, and dashed Hopes-

Remnants of the un-faithful…

Truth speaks in this quiet realm…

Caught UP!

As a cloud I drift…

Carried away by the most simplest

Of things….

I rest in the thought warmed by the sight of you… My True




Dream of laying in your arms,

Two hearts far from harm,

Resting in the bliss of an endless kiss…

Souls singing an eternal melody of Light, sipping the elixer of LIFE…

In delight they dance-

The Star’s sing of romance,


TRUE Love…

“Our Love…”

Awaiting the coming day with a FRESH Breath of Hope…., “LIFE…, is as you Paint it…”🤔

Hungry for the taste of Dawn…


It’s been so long…,


Now the time has come for the coming of the Sun!

A Dream daily rehearsed has awakened.

Reality is shaken.

It’s reshaped from immovable Stone-

Too moldable Clay-

A fresh canvas awaiting the Spray of Color…

The Shades of Inspiration For Today…


and BOLD…

Dream Day or Day Dream? Is a poem I entered for a contest for FORD Motor Company,The winning prize was your poem or story becoming a commercial and you would win a 2010 Ford Mustang. Well I didn’t win so I’ve decided to post my entry to see what you guys think about it; is it a winner? You tell me, this is my…

Dream Day or Day Dream?

By Edward Taylor III

As I Wake up in the morning there’s only one thing on my mind, my first drive in my supercharged beast of a mustang;

I ignore the demands of my wife & kids until I hear the voice of my Angel ask me if I can make a diaper run.

Without an answer I grab my keys & head out the door embraced by the clear blue sky & the burning rays of sun shine.

I look at my gleaming custom oval blue pony as the sunlight bounces off its black & chrome 20 inch track shoes.

Opening the door I slide inside & get hugged into position by the black leather & blue suede bucket seats,

I slide the key into the ignition awakening all eight hundred force-fed ponies,

I fondle the gearshift into the desired position, simultaneously grabbing my sunglasses,

As I drive up to a fresh red light I begin to notice that no one else is on the road with me, an evil sinister grin finds a place on the face of a saint,

The engine revs to screaming heights, the light turns green, & I stomp the go pedal & disappear into a cloud of Smokey rubber, at the same time a thought passes through my mind,

“Man, I Love Day’s Like This”!!!