Dream Day or Day Dream? Is a poem I entered for a contest for FORD Motor Company,The winning prize was your poem or story becoming a commercial and you would win a 2010 Ford Mustang. Well I didn’t win so I’ve decided to post my entry to see what you guys think about it; is it a winner? You tell me, this is my…

Dream Day or Day Dream?

By Edward Taylor III

As I Wake up in the morning there’s only one thing on my mind, my first drive in my supercharged beast of a mustang;

I ignore the demands of my wife & kids until I hear the voice of my Angel ask me if I can make a diaper run.

Without an answer I grab my keys & head out the door embraced by the clear blue sky & the burning rays of sun shine.

I look at my gleaming custom oval blue pony as the sunlight bounces off its black & chrome 20 inch track shoes.

Opening the door I slide inside & get hugged into position by the black leather & blue suede bucket seats,

I slide the key into the ignition awakening all eight hundred force-fed ponies,

I fondle the gearshift into the desired position, simultaneously grabbing my sunglasses,

As I drive up to a fresh red light I begin to notice that no one else is on the road with me, an evil sinister grin finds a place on the face of a saint,

The engine revs to screaming heights, the light turns green, & I stomp the go pedal & disappear into a cloud of Smokey rubber, at the same time a thought passes through my mind,

“Man, I Love Day’s Like This”!!!

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