I got some REAL GOOD music on and it’s time too, “Let them hands go…!”

Redemption Tears


I soak in a pool of desire…,

Found hungry–


Hope approach’s in the distance gathering strength

Drawing from the waling of…


How each stress endured never fractured



Rising from the furnace of dreams,

Ringing Triumphant!

Clear as Silver Trumpets calling Kings home….

I soak in a pool of desire–

Hoping to drown in redemption’s undertow….. 

I just had to express my appreciation for the one who found a broken lost soul and called him Son… This is…



You found me…,

Lying in my own vomit-


I palmed it,

the woefulness…,

I sunk deeper into this muddy, bloody, darkness;

I often asked myself , “how can I depart from this?”

slower and slower I sunk into the arms of a venom spewing seductress

trying to cut wrist hoping to end

finally seeing the light beyond this abyss where your heart sits

reaching for my tattered, battered splattered so fractured how could it be returned from scattered,


A love so beautiful-

it tore through all Sorrow my Fears of being alone, apart from throne,


were the doubts of what true Love is about now!

The reality of this beauty has found me broken-

yet you still….

call me…


Popped my ear phones on set my Iheart to my Goapele Station and chased my Muse. Captured in the moment of pure honesty my heart beats the tempo of life. This is…



Fire breeds heat in the heat of passion

I imagine star laced wings expanding beyond reasons reach

I reach

Mega peaks and swim through waters thick with the darkness of the unknown

I’m no-longer prone to walk away from this site blazing devouring

Midnight terrors

Transforming them into dreams dripping


Behind the eye’s

Behind the flames of The Dreamers’ soul….

RESTLESS- Unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom. Offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity or motion. This a…




Dreams haunt my mind-set on goals beyond popularity polls

I suppose.., 

I must be uninterested in spending my Time-Account on the pursuit of doubt.

It’s about 


For my restless dreams to be unchained into melody,

Forming a rhythmic master Piece;

Mathematically proven to be the fruit of Miracles’ reach.

Restless dreams scream,


 Dreams once restless emerge from captivity


For the World…

Listening to Jill Scott’s soothing voice pour out of my speakers I receive pictures of Sun-ups which greet my eye’s glaring at the promise of Today…. This is…



“Good Morning Sunshine!” 

I see you peaking through my blinds-

Hinting at me to get up!

I’m greeted by the sweetest vision of silk lined clouds parting to reveal a satin blanket of gold and crystal…

I’ve entered the immortality of Imagination.

I take my seat at a table made from the finest collection of Emeralds and Rubies.

In the midst of royalty I sit taking sip’s of Morning Dew from Pearl cups.

A rejuvenating spring spills from the Fountain of The New tucked beyond a Sapphire corridor.

 I walk through the Forest of Innovation where youthful visions rise out of its fertile soil.  


“It’s time to pick the fruit of My patience…!” 

I reach for the door of potential,

I clinch it’s warm reality,


Open the portal to My destiny…. 

waking up to a new day watching the sun rise above the horizon I dive into the arms of my muse free writing hopeful desires. This is…

Another 24


I awake to a new day open eyed, star gazing, my hopes shine bright.

My dreams rest in the night having taken shape.

So I shake the yesterday from memory, I only harness positive energy;

Internal synergy forms the tapestry of ’24’.

History to Present provide color effervescent.

24 hours given,


Containing seeds of power.

Step upwards out of the pit fall traps, we call set backs,

24 road maps to success

Each one connected to tongue unleashing day dreams



night screams from hope filled tear drops






When two friends find themselves caught in a situation requiring both of them to make a choice between equally undesirable alternatives, ignoring what they really want, together they dance atop a knifes edge. This is…




What do we do?


Do we choose to lose this friendship for a potential love forever after,


or do we risk pain-


we  may never come to this place again;


Torn from remaining friends, we walk away from each others hurt feelings


never again speaking,




Do we venture into this wondrous bliss;


should we enlist this forbidden kiss,


or do we stay-




What do we do?




I’m ask’n-



I raise the question, is the term “love at first sight” true, and if so, how fast can it happen…?

In Seconds…? 


Standing, no distracting, my focus is in your focused eyes on me

mine on you

I see your beauty from skin to soul deep

speaking to you fantastic, we engage in the most extravagant dialog

a romantic scene

between two loves connecting mutual respecting attraction inhaling your laughter absorbing every touch

must overlap

separation not an option this continuity continually grows in seconds–

love connection,,,

She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. (Pro 3:15) this is…

Elements of She

by Edward Taylor III

How long will the simple feast at the banquet of fools –

When it’s her insight they hunger for?

She possess a beauty which is to be more sought after then the rarest pearl in the sea;

She veil’s her face behind the shadow of words, to find her is to find understanding,

She walks in a garment meant for royalty,

She stands atop the highest peak calling out to those who need her compelling men to seek her;

Kings lust for her presence, rulers become beggars at her feet;

She is the guide leading men through the mist of choice;

When She spoke to Me…

her voice…

The very essence of reason;

She taught me her way’s, She showed me great mysteries, & as I rested in her bosom…,

The waters of time stood still, frozen as a river caught in winters chill;

I soon fell in love with the warmth of her inspiration;

& when I awoke!

I found myself wed to her…




A thought came to mind about two things, beauty & attraction, two things that seem to be so alike but yet so different. For instance if you see an attractive person the most common thought that comes to mind is”wow he or she is very beautiful”, but if you make your conclusion just off of that glance you may miss what truly lies underneath.


By Edward Taylor III


Attraction is often confused with beauty;

You see beauty is so much deeper than a simple chemical reaction like attraction;

Beauty has many dimensions, each holding different extensions, of ones inner light…

Like a crystal prism: no matter how the light is reflected whether by joy, love, or peace, you still get affected by beauty,

& just don’t limit beauty to three, there’s so many reflections the mind’s eye can see;

beauty is beyond skin deep, it’s a place attraction try’s to reach… tries & fails;

You see attraction is much more shallow, delicate, & fragile;

Though attraction can have everyone eating out of hand, inside its fading away like sand atop the hour-glass,

Stand from a distance & you might be enticed: But peer ever closer & you may see a soul gasping for life,

Look past the looking-glass to see a little girl or boy frightened & scarred,

Left bitter from words that were planted to harm, faking confidence so not to sound the alarm,

“I don’t need anyones help”

Attraction may say:

“All I need to do is bat my eye’s”,

if a man-“flex my chest”,

or if a woman – ” raise up my breast & smile”,

” They’ll all come running to me”;

It’s a pity attraction, to be so blind to what beautiful eye’s can clearly see;

When will you realize that beauty can be also found in thee;