There is a struggle, as Eternal as Good and Evil, with-in, a struggle too let go… Of ancient hurt’s, disappointments, broken promises made… to yourself… To revisit the old decay of the past, is depression- and today, it’s time too let go… 



Dear Mr. past,

(That old man which clung to the looking glass, being an acting mask)

Truth has come to clash with your dimming point of, 

 Viewing every situation cloudy…

This is your forced Resignation-


No more debate- 

I see the door open, my way of escape; I now claim the God given title, ‘MASTER OF MY FATE’…

OH, and you’re fired

I recommend you discard some weight.

Pay more attention to every precious moment.

To every smile given; 

To the laughter heard pouring from loved ones.., while they still can be heard… 

If you do this Mr. Past, 

If you comeback with the lessons learned..,

Then maybe,

Just maybe your spot can be re-earned… 

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