Still in one of those moods… Playing ColdPlay’s ‘Fix You’ My heart spews thoughts, unconstrained , they burn hot as a Blue Flame….

Unrestricted Thought


I think about the unknown of time..,

“I have to walk this line…”

So I took the veil of the blind, and ripped it in two–


I see twin views

Missing time sensitive queues–

I’ve got to lose this!

“Remove this block-aid!”

MY Soul is thirsty for the taste of Freedoms rain,

Free from self-imposed pain;

I’ve got to retrain and maintain:

Spirit, Soul, and Body-


Too embrace



Hey Y’all, I’m just in one of those moods…. Time to lay these burdens down, dowse them in gasoline, and torch them with the stroke of a Key…..

Release Me…..


Why do I contain the pain of carrying this flame?

My Cross I gain-

So I have none to blame…,

But still–

These rusted chains reach for me haunting my footsteps–


Heart spills into ink and begins to flow;

Eye’s behold what Paper drinks as emotions sink into the realm where Ghost’s play keep away with the Past…,

Why wont they let me pass…?