I still flow free-writing a soulful voice is heard in the sound of key’s unlocking an inner treasure chest- I love this…

Salvation’s Race


I can’t lose this race

My victory is written upon the tablets of time each line aligns my



Striking the ground

With the fierceness of desire

Lightning fire

Rages beyond gates and cages climbing into the arms of the rest of my eternity

Eternal seeds planted in time-

I’ll shine among them

Bright as the lights that paint the darkness of night

Regaining innocence lost to Black-Hole’s


and the Abyss 

Moonlight nurturing captured pain until freedom is gained by the rising of the Son

Coming to guide the lost out of innocence

Tossed away…

Taken before Dreams could pray

Suddenly whisked away to the land where our victories lay

Waiting for their Master’s return….