Looking back over most of my adult life I realized that to strive for perfection is a reachable goal; what perfection means, too me, is that you have abtained the realization that who you are is perfectly fine and that all you do, how you do, and why you do is what makes you, You- the essence of perfection. This is…


Who said you’re not perfect?

Who said you weren’t worth it?

Every imperfection seen by eye’s, which peer upon the looking-glass, failing to see perfection in seeming flaws,

God created,

Life from imaginations bare essence creating a being so complex it views every misstep with the bitterness of regret

Due to a vision clouded by ranted eye’s which will never realize their own perfection,

Even though the mirror faithfully teaches the lesson,

“you are beautiful”

You are, in all your flaws,


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