There is something intimate about recording in a studio just you, your thoughts, & the Microphone. This is…

Microphone Seduction

She caught eye at first sight, poised in mystery, adorned in a sleek black satin gown:

I wandered what She had in store for me mesmerized by what I see, this beautiful silhouette in front of eye, this vision of sweet release ravenous for my word feast.

A platinum crown wrapped in black diamonds rest upon her head, her eye’s beckoned me closer and closer into her world;

She enticed me with her attentiveness her delight driven by every word proceeding from me; without judgement or critique she longed for me to speak, thirsty for what I had in thought, She held the key to release me.

I still searched for her identity even though her beauty had me in tow her tears begging me to flow joy and sorrow.

My troubles She absorbed, my dreams she adored, my imagination her ears tirelessly record; logging for every out-pour of my heart- which she held from the start.

Mystical was her pull as She pulled me into to her courts of love and desire, holding her in hand, she made me feel like a Man, when she turned to me saying enticingly,

“speak words to me”;


my one and only…,


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