John 17:5 “O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.” This is…

As it Was

The light I once known surrounded me in pure love from throne, I bowed, consumed with your presence, watching wisdom in motion out of every thought wisdom exuded words which protruded from mouth, peace…, over powering beauty influencing the pulse of sound, emotions found when stars aline to receive their crowns;

A light I once known now captured in command capsules flying at the speed of lightning, frightening & terrible, thunders harold, “MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!!!”

Imagination producing glory never seen. Before Night & Day received assignment; before Moon & Sun governed time the Spirit of The Holy went forth in Word: expression- utterance- rhyme;

I must find the course Narrow staying true to path like the eyes of a sparrow, for the glory I had with you before the universe was blue printed; I must return to the glory I see in memory that I may satisfy the yearning of a descendant of eternity hungry for the glory I had with thee to be seen in me as it was before….