PAIN- Mental or emotional suffering or torment. This is…

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Emotions range from distorted images in the mind,

Finding a rational grip on the ledge it climbs,

Setting goals too grab hold of the reasonings emotions breed from,

We too run,

Attempting to make it through cloudy venues; trying to find the opposite place to hide face from the bitter emotions and there addictive taste.

Some find shelter in a bottle of hopelessness,

Others fly high struggling to stay above the emotional storm that rages, rattling cages, ripping the foundation from under houses built upon lies,

Uncovering what was kept with-in self, treasures of darkness, a prisoners wealth,

Discovered by the light that shines through the ebony vail pressing through the fires of Hell,

Reaping the spoils of war, forgetting the emotions that haunted a life torn from the–


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