There is a reality found in Christ that’s beyond sickness, pain, & suffering; a reality thats been restored to those whose faith can reach its open doors. This is…

Alternate Reality
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Walk’n high, altitude level sky, my eyes on the prize, next level dominion walk’n with Kingdom kinfolk real live’n. Is this really reality? I take a breath to let it sink in, think’n back to where the world turned in the trap of lack wondering aimlessly leaving wilderness tracks the past casting a shameful shadow. But now full is my expectation brought to my doorstep hope delivered by a Raven. No cave in to the pressure’s to quit, I pressed on Until in my place I sit. Imagine a world with no pain or tears that fall like the rains of a hurricane: no thoughts of unbelief to attack at faith filled speech: No knowledge of lost loved ones for they’ve been found resting in the arms of a doves Son. No need for greed when your strolling streets paved with Gold & the walls are layered with jewels you once desired to hold: No more sickness in the presence of the King No past no future every-days the present, are you listening as the songs of freedom ring? We sing the song of the redeemed; restored back to Gods original intent before the poisonous words of a serpent ripped reality from Gods first Man leaving all of the world prisoner to the lie; But I spied the land of utopia & brought back enough proof to spark hope in ya, but only if you believe that Man was made to stand upright dwelling in light, not bowed down on knees, people of God believe you’ve been granted a life existing as Kings…

Illumination: An intellectual or spiritual enlightenment. Also called illuminance, intensity of illumination. The intensity of light falling at a given place on a lighted surface. This is…

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Altered motions by words spoke’n direction becoming clearer as I focus in on the platform seen in a dream like image in mirror craven to grasp life, to it I would hold more dearer. I figured time would work the kinks out of this cobblestone road I travel until the layer is smoother then a coat of minks as the mysteries of my quest unravel. I ransom time cause I’m Still into steal’n moments back until truth becomes the foundation of facts. Loaded stacks of faith built mountains erupting promise like fountains spilling the willing favor of God, though odd it would seem the King would name me in the company of the redeemed so I sing with a joyful voice, feeling privileged that my salvation wasn’t my choice to make, for my mind was unstable as an earthquake.

But God!

Shook away all that was fake leaving only that which is to be received: The longing to believe the love I never knew to need the love that would drive a God King to bleed a love that would shine the light upon my ever diminishing eve….

There is a Kingdom we who believe have access to: But until we realize it we must continue to press towards the prize attained in Christ by Grace through Faith we set our gaze upon the mark. This is…

Kingdom Gazing
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Gazing at a past fading away like image in glass at last reality has come; future movements in the work that is done. Already formed when the foundations of nations where the essence of mere thought, God spoke heavenly decisions mans thoughts wrapped in divine visions. Future behold! The coming of the present; Kingdom Son creations groaning for thy kingdom to come. Groaning for the Son to dispel the vanity & bring forth the sun in the glory of your majesty: Let it rise to guide man out of darkness perceiving a greater light by the preceding word of faith, no stumbling blocks on the road of grace, where the sinful history has been erased. Stay on pace & live in every breath you take knowing this: That the trails that come can never shake faith or obscure your vision from Gods Kingdom Gates….