I’ve gone through what I’ve gone through, I go through the things I go through; Good or bad, joyful or painful I still press forward towards my promises, my hopes, my dreams. As I see them draw nearer even in the midst of seeming despair I comfort my soul with a simple statement…

Why Cry
by Edward Limitless Taylor III

Why cry the tears of pain when the rain of the just reign In justice; Rejoice! I scream to the being in the mirror this image of me seen clearer now that this figure has changed with the exchange of darkness for light. Picture made perfect by Gods voice scripted then quoted, with power it flowed in soul tearing apart the old, resurrecting the dead it fed spirit, lifting me up shedding the weights of grave clothes that clothed a man trapped in a dark shelter. Free! Now I mount up spreading wings as an eagle I fly above the shadow of me in past, I pass from death to life…, & I ain’t shed one doubtful tear yet….

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