Expectation has been built, hope has been kindled, faith has been proven, then I awoke from my slumber hoping today Is that day. This is…

One Day…
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Scribing on the tablet of my heart the impressions of thought rehearing the inner voice give instruction hoping to heed the edification taken every notion in, praying my rain begins, smelling the sent of…. I gaze at stars above wondering if…. Kiss my life companion on the forehead then roll outta bed hoping this day my decisions don’t lead me astray striving to paint the proper perspective upon the face in the mirror. Striving to enter my place of peace as I consider the path of my feet, seeking for more, hoping I can endure the trial fighting for a genuine smile; then I step out into the brisk sunlight my day has begun so I speak let thy Kingdom come to your Son & Let this day be the One….

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