Unorthodox- The only word that can come close to describing me; This is…

The Unorthodox Me
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Unorthodox me seems to be so out of place when faced with the mainstream of normal things. My thoughts walk in an uncaged mind surrounded by borderless inspiration & boundless creation. Treasure troves open when expression is unleashed exposing the mentality that is about me. An unorthodox outside of the box Me see’s achievements apprehended without the time consuming processes of the confined mind; holding back, inconceivable, I go all out beyond restriction; unbeatable consciousness up lifting to true life living. Out my slumber I discover an un-blazed trail biding me to come & walk down the path of ‘Never Been Done’. No one can define one who’s speech redefines & unwinds the impossible, so abnormal is my minds eye the only place I taste is the limitless sky. I travel upon the prevailing winds of discovery high where the unorthodox fly. Soaring into the image-nation I begin to speak its dialect, dream language- calling things that aren’t as though they where. Mind regurgitation performing epic feet’s with prolific speech leaving doubtful witnesses contending against their own carnal instincts, leaving them at the fringe of beliefs’ door wanting more of the unorthodox Me….