We who believe must continue through the trial’s & opposition’s that life brings. Trusting in God who gave us the grace-full ability to clinch our hands around victory: that is our faith which overcomes the world, this is what we must hold on to. Until our…

Journeys End

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

blood veins flow hope exchanged, from prison chains to free mind changed,

Rearranged sight towards the horizon shining with the fresh ray’s of day break;

My fate’s far from fake wishes, waved the past goodbye blowing anointed kisses.

My expectation doubt misses, my eyes are focused on the line where my faith finishes,

All words are loaded potent & powerful enough to effect change,

With-in the hour watch me tower over opposition standing victorious praising He who glorified us;

I pursue with more trust towards vision invested in the promise of greatness achieving all that was believed,

Watching the growth of faith planted seeds, reaping harvest,

Oh! How my soul starved for this moment shifted in a blink of an eye.

I rise from dust to beyond the sky shaking the foundations of heaven my cry;

Cries pour out tears from fountains overcome with desire fulfilled,

Thrilled tones, open the heart to receive honor, purpose, & dreams, returning to a popper turned King;

Swing with consistent motion rolling with the wind in step on this journey,

Till Heavens end….