I was thinking of how there are some people who indulge in the alcoholic experience & there are others who dabble in the “hydroponic” experience; I’ve thought of one more way to escape the cares of the world: Too partake in the divine nature, letting it all go while your…


(praising under the Impartation)

by Edward Limitless Taylor III

Drunk in the spirit like I took a sip of a 100 proof elixir, gotta get my praise fix ‘R I’m a get tossed, lost in the sway of the tragedies of life, the cause & effect of short sight;

My fight…

…Is to hold fast the truth of Future hopes;

Disputing past events, negative hints reminding mind of time misused leaving lots of thoughts left confused;

But Now!

Reckon mind shelf solid, vision making decisions with God like precision, leading an unveiled precession of promise caught in hand,

More than what past thoughts could’ve imagined;

Chasing dreams at full speed, no crashing, destination faith bank to cash-in.

Spent thought currency on grace & fervency, then unleashed them in a flood of urgency turning me on course, flowing free past all boundaries;

Binge’n on the taste of greatness, lift’n hands like raised glasses,

Toast’n to the favor God granted….