All I need is a miracle

All I need is a miracle,
All over the world ,
Born in the USA;
Blinded by the light ,
Don’t get me wrong;
Everybody wants to rule the world,
Epic high-wire;
Back to paradise.
Every rose has a thorn;
Dancing with tears in my eyes,
Hold on tight, Hold on loosely,
“I got you.”
I want to break free !
Back to paradise.
Written by Elena Taylor
I did this out of song titles for a class assignment

Flowing Like a River

Flowing like a river in christianity,
Ever rock and bump,
Turns into every victory and triumph;
Good advice flowing 24/7 like a rapid wave,
Every fish in the ocean seeks for his guidance,
And every boat loves to sail his way ,
Just like in a river there is always something to eating at your fish ,
Yeah we had a lot; but this river keeps on flowing,
Never half empty nor half full,
This river is just the right amount.
This proud river is my dad.
If I was stranded in a river and couldn’t reach the bank,
I would rather have my dad there to help me on my way.
Written by Elena Taylor
Walking in my fathers guidance and anointing