Having heard, having received, & having believed the word of God, power packed with grace, we must through faith obtain our promises speaking into existence a new reality built by one who possesses…

Faith mastery

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Six day’s to press for the mark, target set, now set the spark to start the blaze;

Blazing forward attacking my course with focused far-site,

Despite the dispute in my conscience mind fighting sub-conscience thoughts of sabotage,

I receive the instruction wrapped in midnight voyages…

…Can Me past & Me future coexist in this present moment, can Me forsake the contrary history that haunts Me?

Striving for the rest at the end of this press live’n life more vocal;

Leaving my last words timeless, eternal heart beating endless, thoughts shaping limitless dreams,

Till time fades leaving stars to be gazed set in heavenly places prearranged;

Sit’n on my throne of patience decree’n my reality into life,

Making decisions formed in a perspective seated in all seven dimensions.

Lone-hope left un-restricted, it persisted past the point of disappointment cemented in the belief sent to Son,

Putting history into re-write mode leave’n the residue of light when miracles unfold in-site, on-site.

Six day’s to take spot perfecting what I’ve been taught to display…

Faith mastery….