Easily seen through having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen. This is…


by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I wear my emotions on my sleeve, my struggles on my chest, weights I bare on my shoulders strapped like boulders they sink deeper into mind.

My fears penetrate the dreams claimed as my own; frustration rejecting peace when I lie through my teeth telling you,

“I’m fine”

Failures memories hunt me like game;

This game I tier of unwilling to cover it anymore. Time to shift my mind & roll-back like oceans tide into a place where the old is removed making way for my new paradigm.

I tweaked my perspective now my vision stands resurrected, motivated to leave my whole world effected infected by the word of grace, pressing towards the tittle of great.

No more fake’n it I abandon hypocrisy standing in the truth of Christ reality,

Letting my mind imagine, sopping up my hearts tears, I gather in my harvest sown when my prayers where thrown at the feet of the altar released to the Father.

In time promise peaks, then…

…I’m gazing at my purpose conceived in dream;

Now I’m a spectacle read of all men the life of Gods epistle code-named…