This is your time, this is your moment; Dont lose focus of the joy set before you must hunger for your purpose & chase it with the urgency of a ravenous predator who’s eyes are: Fastened, attached, or placed so as to be firm and not readily movable; firmly implanted; stationary; rigid; set or intent upon something; steadily directed…


By Edward (The limitless Poet) Taylor III

It’s an appointed highway I travel as the mysterious keys to my purposeful course unravel; each step brings me closer to a dream like view of whats been in my heart to pursue.

True passion drives, burning hope makes alive, every step to promise has been taken into soul;

Where Thoughts unfold joining faith to life’s ever changing observation of circumstance.

So I pass by the stones of discouragement I take up the cup of courage & drink in the flow of encouragement.

Heaven sent this journey every lesson has turned me from a form of marred clay to a vessel that will display a light never seen since the law of sin & death applied its spiritual darkness, its soulless tax lien.

Now I’ve been cleaned, prepped for what this appointment will demand, I stand at the verge of greatness ready to advance; this is my chance,

My chance to flourish…

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