Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. (Pro 4:7) This is a quest for wisdom & understanding. A journey from the darkness of the mind to the enlightenment of the soul. This is…

I Can’t See Right

By Edward Taylor III

I still can’t see right? So I write the vision plain as a flame in the night: But I still can’t see right?

So I write down my hearts desires waiting for the manifestation of my expectations: But I still can’t see right?

Amongst the raging waves of thought my hope floats on a life raft of promise: But I still can’t see right?

So with a breath & one motion to my knees, emotions linked to tears like branches to trees, my cries pour out: But I still can’t see right?

So I take two steps to the left to alter my view, then my eyes open to see Me free, known of the Father before I first knew me;

Why couldn’t I see before the blessing that surrounds: Why couldn’t I taste before of the grace that flow’s from crown to feet?

I rest in amazement seeing all that grace came with; enabling me to apprehend all that I was apprehended for;

Much more than a shell of a man, now in Christ I stand. Look in my eyes & see a soul redeemed;

In the quietness of thought hear my heart sing, hear the voice of salvation ring;

Behold the light of men, because without him your understanding is still darkened,


You won’t be able to see right…

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