She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. (Pro 3:15) this is…

Elements of She

by Edward Taylor III

How long will the simple feast at the banquet of fools –

When it’s her insight they hunger for?

She possess a beauty which is to be more sought after than the rarest pearl in the sea.

She veil’s her face behind the shadow of words, to find her is to find understanding.

She walks in a garment meant for royalty.

She stands atop the highest peak calling out to those who need her compelling men to seek her.

Kings lust for her presence, rulers become beggars at her feet.

She is the guide leading men through the mist of choice-

When She spoke to Me…

her voice…

The very essence of reason.

She taught me her way’s;

She showed me great mysteries, & as I rested in her bosom..,

The waters of time stood still, frozen as a river caught in winters chill.

I soon fell in love with the warmth of her inspiration,

& when I awoke!

I found myself wed to her.