As morning rolls into night, days pass by, life goes on: But who takes the time to appreciate the gift that’s been given? When you open your eyes to see another day take a moment to look around you, realize the blessings that found you, let your eyes breath in the beauty that surrounds you, & observe the poetry…

Something Poetic

There’s something poetic about life even the simplest things can contain the greatest of meanings. Like rain drops that camouflage a falling tear, or a drop of water sliding down an empty glass as it reflects the expecting & hopeful eyes of a bride to be, or like the calming breeze that blows threw the branches of trees; reminding you that no matter what obstacles are in your way, like the blowing breeze, you can overcome them. There’s something poetic about life from the reviving powers of the sun, to the still serenity of night, to the eyes that capture the beauty of a bird taking flight, or the marvelous colors of a flower in bloom, to the baby fast asleep at high noon. I describe things that you can soon observe, but only if you slow down, for if you take the time to escape from the stress & the strife I’m sure you’ll find that there’s something poetic about life…

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