When inspiration urges you to write,painting an amazing picture, words begin to unfold into something beautiful

My Words
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Searching for the perfect phrase my words begin to frantically form on a piece of scratch paper; As I begin to search the realm of my imagination for a single drop of creativity I pause to receive my next line. I write with the hope in my heart that these words will light up the corner of someone’s dark existence; Like a light house shimmering in the distance bringing relief to those who wish to see home once more, I pause again, looking into the distance at God’s glorious creation, we call nature, absorbing the things I see my eyes lay hold of the majestic mountains that form the background of this amazing portrait. My eyes also capture the many evergreen trees as the gentle breeze caresses their branches, as if the wind has found its love for the first time: Inspiration comes from the view I see helping me form beautiful expressions describing the emotions felt while words continue to flood from the depths of my soul, as I passionately pour out every part of me, I realize the creation that is before me, these are my words… this is my poetry…