During this time of the year when Family, and Friends reinforce their value; We draw back into times spent on experiences which gives Life its unique Flavor… These Memories of Time well spent…



Back to memories of better times seen clearer…

Forward to the present-

Presenting opportunities once only seen behind CLOSED EYE’S.

FURY rises from a state of Patience to rage!

Bringing agitation to the Dormant.

Today has arrived with the refreshing scent of…

“Paint your Day here __________”


To realize ones greatness only to never obtain it is a great tragedy…But to recgonize the time of your greatness & walk its path to completion is a great triumph…- Edward T. This is…


By Edward (The Limitless poet) Taylor III

I walk this road step by step I progress into the infinite;

By melodies I perceive through the mist & the eve,

I see,

Into the defining presence of his glorious song,

I sway with the rhythm of time, right to left, forward then halt…

Commanded to stand still, constrained to see his salvation, blessed to gaze at the wonder of his glory,

Which in past was concealed but to me –

Now revealed are the attributes of God,

His overwhelming love, His surrounding power, & His irrefutable sovereignty.

Step by step I progress into the eternal until

I am