She Danced… Her sorrows away bursting through the scares left, imprinting her Soul… She Danced the Chains off her bound mind to find the Joy misplaced- Stolen! Even though it chained her ambition- She Danced, never letting go of the joy sealed in her soul. She connected to the Spirit within, the Divine captured her Sorrow, exchanging it for everlasting JOY… She Danced…


The New….


The smell of a brand new day enters my visual display; 

Seeing the seeding of past deeds come to a breaking point, tipping the point of the spear at the Enemy, 

This Phantom Fear, let it disappear as my New horizon appears.

My Soul hears the call to arise in this new Day! 

Taking every moment in thought, every lesson bought with the tears of sorrow…

Now Joy!

Flows from eyes so grateful to see this day-

Coming into Focus….

On a Sunday Afternoon….

A Moment in Captured Beauty


Enjoy the peace…
Simplicity in a breeze.

My Heart takes ease-

Living carefree as a child on a swing,

I sway through Life on the end of a string, balancing across this tightrope…

This balancing act of decisions-

Learning lessons through the Flashcards of Joy and Pain-

“Remember you’ve changed!”

…… The image in the mirror remarks…


“Live Life off the Charts…”