HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2019 is at the door… Will you answer?



Take every lesson Learned and repeated,

Take every memory with you and I pray it’s more Love and Laughter than pain and misery;

You hold TIGHT too the Hope which Fuels your Dreams.

Simply Believe…

I can only really say take it day by day🤔

The mistakes made, simply learn from them…

The Promises made, Simply live by them…

The Vows given, Simply Cling to them with all you have…

The Future is written upon the pages of Today,

Let the lessons of yesterday add the color to paint a brighter tomorrow.

Every Wish requires the fire of a Dream…

Every Dream requires the tenacity of a Vision.

Every Vision contains the power to create a Reality that connects you to the World we All Share.

Let this year bring you all the Good you Believe you deserve, and Believe you deserve it.

Let your Dreams ride the powerful winds of Change, imbrace the opportunity that may never come again..!

Greatness is in you!

We all can experience that greatness!

That Greatness that brings us all together in this Great World we Share..

Have a Blessed and Safe celebration and New Year!


The things of the past remain there until we revive them, bringing back to life the good things we’ve experienced, but, as for the things we’ve gone through that haunt our very dreams and weight our footsteps of progression– I would like to be the first to deliver my…,



Dear Past,


I can no-longer carry-on like things are OK between us, thus I must separate myself from you,

even though,

we’ve been together since beyond remembrance;

starting our journey together the day after existence–

we shared the second breath of life together,

I inhaled,

you exhaled…,




carry you anymore-

nor your addicting feelings of,

Self condemnation,


Self suffocation & devaluation leading me back to frustration


My monstrous creation I’m ending this relation based on the constant times in my happiness you remain vacant


when misery calls for your recall you take us both into depressions free fall


I will not bring your tainted residue into my new relationship with Future!

I choose to lose your pain, hurt, embarrassment, &  insecurities;

so make sure you lose my contact info before you leave my thoughts forever to never be seen again-

And by the way Happy New year!!!




I will no-longer fear you coming back to haunt my day’s to come.

Thanks for the memories-

It’s been fun.

Very Sincerely not yours,


in the present….

We make New Year resolutions at the beginning of every year( well some of us do) I don’t normally participate myself but I felt that this year requires a lot of focus, drive, & down right honesty( especially with myself); This is…

Resolution 2012
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

2012… What ever you make of it make it stick, in the moment of hesitation make a decision quick, make every day count in the amount it maximizes everything your about. No time for doubt, 365 days to get your dream out of mind the production of thought developed in time. It’s time for your vision’s to become what you confessed from tongues tip, this is the year I will give myself wholly to it. I will speak until this year becomes the year they manifest. This is the year where everything will become clear: The year where my hearts hunger will be fulfilled. This year much fruit my dream garden will yield. No more time will I waste; I will face the truth of myself no matter how bitter the taste. This year I will shed the weights of fear & the bondage of being a spiritual introvert, holding everything in until nothing works, denying my hope the right to give birth. ENOUGH OF THIS time to convert my “wish list” to a “to do list”. God forbid ‘2012’ that at the end of you I still find myself hesitant to respond to my desires’ call… Three Hundred & Sixty Five days Lord… let me not forsake them all….