Listening to my playlist, realizing that the artist and Songs I love exists here in my Memories of them…



Old songs play nonstop.

On my playlist more found dead while their rhythms live on…

Repeating Prince, MJ, and 2PAC songs.

True fans assure your rhythm plays on.

Rest well pioneers of soul-felt songs.

We will always remember..,


This poem was inspired by a documentary on Hip-Hop directed by Hip-Hop artist Ice-T. This is…

Behind Bars

My life exists between measurements, between the tick-tock, tick-tock, tempo following a beat that never stops;

vocal portraits seen in every line written, but have you ever taken time out to find out what’s the meaning behind?

my life exists between measurements,
at the edge of a pen is where it begins
too take shape formed from thoughts dwelling on life experiences;

I am a window to the soul of man; from the heart I’m sent with a plan to convey a message purposed to keep hands raised, to evoke strength so one can stand through the craze of the day to day grind easing the may-day’s off the mind.

My life exists between measurements beginning in ancient days when Griot’s told tales and fables, I existed before time had tables, each line is mine;

I am more than a rhyme,

I am the story of a young son hustling on the corner,

I am the story of a young daughter left on her own to roam,

I am history written to melody,

I am the written word spoken giving those who hear a picture of one’s personal Heaven or Hell,

I AM the antidote when all prescriptions fail!

My life exists between measurements, between the tick and the tock; I am woven in to the soul of Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Rhythm and Blues long before I was sold slave to the “Pop-charts,”

My life existed…!

between measurements, between the tick- tock, so why is the light darkening?

Why has the beat stopped…?!

What happened to the tick-tock,

MY! tick-tock….