With every Morning given You have the ability to change everything! IF, You are willing to receive the New in this Brand new…

Good DAY…


Woke up in the Morning, breath taken in slowly..,

Touching the tips of possibilities.

Thinking, reflecting, on gratitudes’ Wave.

The incoming light eclipses the Darkness making the way Plain.

This might be redundant but with ever new DAY,

I meet Limitless possibilities, leaving yesterday, creating my path to Tomorrow…

Everyday brings an opportunity to change everything in your life… If you take the time to catch…

Opportunity in the Breeze


The invincible,


The dependable, all powerful, inhale the spirit riding the wind;

In the breeze-

In season, like the fresh blooming budding Rose receiving the heat from the Sun sampling the rain

Falling are the walls,

Tumbling down,

Now all I see is open potential so essential believing this Dream of a Visionary never varies.

I’m riding the waves upon the sea of time with a net grabbing mine….

Opportunity in the wind….